Cafe Royal Noten
Cafe Royal Salonorchester
The latest CD „Kesa“ of the Cafe Royal Salonorchester.
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Over the last three years the Cafe Royal Salonorchester, Gypsy-ensemble of the Sinti family Weiss from Hamburg Germany, has thrilled its audience in Germany and Europe, by sharing their joy for life with high charged musical performances as only gypsy musicians can.

Three generations, united in one orchestra, create an emotional ride, full of joy, sweet melancholy and overall outstanding virtuosity, that grasps the audience and will not let go.
The vivacious rhythm, the soothing harmonic textures and the sweet singing melodies of this unique music, reflect the journey and the history of the european Sinti and their heritage and garantee an evening of unforgettable moments full of surprises.

Gypsyswing, Hungarian Csardas, Cafehausmusik and Paris Musette.

Cafe Royal Salonorchester